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a graphic novel


When he was thirteen years old, Julienne Zhavala accidentally killed his best friend’s father in self-defense.
The courts would have easily acquitted him, had the event not revealed him to be hydrophin—a siren-like species that evolved as a predator to humans. Though few of his kind maintain the activity in modern times, humans heavily stigmatize them, and the community Julienne had only ever tried to love locked him away as a danger.
Fifteen years later, his childhood best friend, Opal Reyes, has finally managed to negotiate his acquittal. Greatly changed by their lives apart, she invites him into a world outside the small-town terrors of their adolescence, where even a hydrophin raised in self-loathing may learn to be free.
But Julienne wonders, isn’t it too late to start over?

JULIENNE is a story of first days, of letting go of the narratives that bind us, and of healing as the sum of a thousand small things.

Updates Fridays!

Free to read online here!

Also available on Webtoons and Tapas.

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